Advising and Management
  Our offer: to aid you to reduce expenses, increase your sales and make your enterprise more competitive.


Our enterprise



A.S. Asesores is a professionals company created on 1991, with accredited experience in their respective areas and that conceives their professional making in function of a new idea of "customer service".

Though begun as commercial and Import-export advising, it has evolutioned to the actual services offered, as Asian countries manufacturing, import, inspections and controls, groups to share and save, delegation management and/or creation, and field marketing.

After that process which we could consider natural and evolutionary within an advising with vision of future, the company has been configured as an advising center management and Integral task by and for the company, where our client finds solutions "key in hand" to the matters that they need.


Work methodology

Relationship Advising-Company

Definition of the concrete needs of the client.

Configuration of the technical work system.

Budgets elaboration.

Search and management of subsidies and help in the negotiations when this is possible.

Integral task from the manufacturer to the client enterprise.

Philosophy of agency

All the effort of A.S. Asesores staff, it is directed to be a company of quality, innovative and very professionalized.

We share your objectives

Our excellent results are always the fruit obtained by the full and unconditional effort of all the teammates.


Our professionality does not imply a higher price.

A.S. Asesores - Avda. Diagonal, 468, 6ªA - 08006 Barcelona - Spain - Tel.: 93 219 21 10 - Fax: 93 213 22 23